2018 Beef Week

The Stock & Land Beef Week Field Days are a fixture of the Southern breeding scene and this year will be bigger than ever, as leading beef studs showcase their best for inspection.

This year, there are 6 Shorthorn studs participating in the long running event where participating studs throw their doors open for visitors to inspect during the field day format.

Given the current air of expectation within the beef industry today, the need to maximise your genetic potential is becoming more and more critical to the profitability and long term success of commercial and seedstock breeding herds.

The Beef Week field days provide an excellent opportunity for you to not only inspect the leading sires on offer in 2018 sales, but also in many cases a chance to inspect the breeding herds behind the bulls. It also provides a tremendous opportunity to spend some time with the breeders themselves and discuss their breeding objectives and where they may be able to assist you with your own aims in your herd.

Amongst the herds open, you will see sires and dams from the Shorthorn breeding herds that have been part of the last two consecutive Borthwick trophy wins.

If you have an opportunity to take in this years Beef Week field days, the following Shorthorn studs will be open, or check out the following link for more details.

Beef Week 2018

Tuesday January 30th

  • Eurimbla Shorthorns

Thursday February1st

  • Eloora Shorthorns

Saturday February 3rd

  • Caskieben Shorthorns
  • Gairnshiel Shorthorns
  • Glengyron Shorthorns
  • Marschay Shorthorns
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About Shorthorn

The Shorthorn breed is truly unique, from their distinctive roan colour, to their rich breed history and most importantly, the wonderful community of breeders, there is nothing else quite like a Shorthorn.

The key to the Shorthorn breeds advantage lies in their balanced genetic profile, driven by market participation that has been developed and refined, after more than 200 years of genetic selection under Australian conditions.

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