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Richard Ham Life Membership Award

A very special event coincided with the dinner held at the National Show and Sale dinner. Richard Ham of Tataila Shorthorns, Moama, received a standing ovation when he was presented a Life Membership Award to Shorthorn Beef by Shorthorn Beef President Mathew Ashby.
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59th Dectomax National Shorthorn Show and Sale

The 59th Dectomax National Shorthorn Show and Sale has defied the trend this week, posting a very solid result despite extremely trying seasonal conditions across much of the sales traditional catchment area.
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2018 National Show Results

2018 National Show Results Nagol Park Shorthorns, Tamworth have taken the title of Grand Champion Bull at the 2018 Dectomax National Shorthorn Show and Sale with Nagol Park XLT M104. Comments from judge Stephen Peake of Bowen Poll Herefords and Peakes Angus, were “M104 is a standout. His display of phenotype, type of carcass and structure in a complete package.”
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The 59th Dectomax Shorthorn Show & Sale

Next week sees the premier National Shorthorn Show and Sale take place at Dubbo Showgrounds on June 12thand 13th. The event kicks off on Tuesday the 12thwith judging at 12.00pm, with Steve Peake, Bowen Poll Herefords and Peakes Angus, judging
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Shorthorn Profit

Why Shorthorns? It’s a big question, but we are really glad you asked!!

Because Shorthorn cattle are bred to solve problems, not create them.

The Shorthorn community is a dynamic and exciting place to be.

Backed by an innovative and professional approach to solving the needs of today’s challenging production environment, Shorthorn breeders believe in the continuing development of the breed and strive to ensure that the breed continues to deliver increased profitability for both it’s members and customers.

The Shorthorn community thrives on innovation and created one of Australia’s first, large scale, progeny test programs, the Durham Research and Development program, driving genetic gain and progress within the breed.

Shorthorn Youth enjoys a tremendous reputation for cultivating today’s Youth into tomorrows leaders, in a safe and friendly environment.

Whether you are looking for solutions to increase your bottom line, or would like to feel as though you are part of something bigger, the Shorthorn community prides itself on being a great community to be part of.

“The breed that built Australia”

Maternal efficiency is one of the greatest profit drivers in any cattle breeding business, and the Shorthorn breed excels in efficient and effective production.

Shorthorn females enjoy a reputation as one of the most efficient and functional production breeds in the world. They influence profit like no other because they balance all traits of economic importance, not just a few.


In the USDA MARC Germplasm Evaluation IV, British breed females bred to Shorthorn bulls finished 1st, calving 99.8% of the time UNASSISTED. Shorthorn cross females in the same study calved 98% of time UNASSISTED.


In the same MARC trial, Shorthorn cross females posted the highest 200 day calf average weight of any British breed and the 2nd highest 400 day weight average of all breeds.


Shorthorn heifers also proved to have the 2nd highest percentage reaching puberty at 360 days and the Shorthorn cross females recorded the highest percentage of calf crop weaned.

More live calves, that grow faster to target markets, and breed fertile replacements, means more money in your pocket.


The OSU study by Cooke et al. showed that females with poor temperament had increased Cortisol levels, dramatically affecting their ability to settle in calf.

In a US study involving thousands of cattle, research showed that cattle with a Disposition score of 3 or higher (Scale 1-6) returned a loss on average of $62/head in performance. Shorthorn cattle in the trial averaged 1.8.

In the 2014 Southern Beef Situation Analysis report, Holmes and Sackett measured labour costs amongst beef herds at 40% of production costs.

Shorthorn cattle have an improved temperament, reducing your labour requirements, increasing weight gain and reproductive performance.


Australia is a country of extreme seasonal variation. Shorthorn cattle are also highly Feed Efficient, allowing them to retain high fertility levels and high production records, even under tough seasonal conditions. Shorthorns have experienced genetic selection under Australian conditions for more than 2 centuries, longer than nearly any other breed in Australia, making Shorthorns one of Australia’s most adaptable breeds.


Shorthorns are one of the most complementary breeds in the world, having formed the basis of over 40 breeds worldwide.

We all understand the importance of hybrid vigour in 1st cross cattle, but that is only a small part of the picture. Hybrid Vigour has a much larger impact on maternal traits, so the secret to unlocking your herds maximum profitability lies in your ability to retain F1 females.

Shorthorns give you the ability to combine outstanding maternal genetics, however, Shorthorns are one of few breeds that also offer excellent carcass quality including marbling, allowing you to maximise maternal hybrid vigour, whilst also improving your herds carcass quality and consistency, delivering eating quality excellence to the consumer.

“Because the customer is always right”

Nothing drives demand more than the ability to meet and exceed a customers expectations.

Efficiency is a key platform to achieving maximum profitability within your production system, but so is the ability to maximise your marketing opportunities when you have cattle ready to sell.


MRC Project M112b

In 1996, the Meat Research Corporation released the findings of the M112B Project, a large scale, breed evaluation scheme, the largest undertaking of its kind, was designed to assess breed suitability for competition within the growing grain fed beef market.

The project was split into two sections, the first being a trial of 4,594 steers sourced and fed in Southern feedlots. The second trial involved 7,748 steers sourced from NT, QLD and Northern NSW.

Shorthorn Averages – Southern Trial

Backgrounding ADG 1st

Feedlot ADG 1st

Purebred EMA 2nd

Purebred Carcass Weight 1st

Marbling 1st

P8 Fat Depth 2nd

Shorthorn cattle also had the least variation of any breed for Marble Score.

In the Northern trial, Shorthorn cattle again had the highest marble score with 84% compliance, 13% higher than the next best breed.


We all have a plan, but sometimes the seasons and the markets just haven’t read our plan! Making sure that the cattle you produce can also give you flexibility in your marketing system, can be crucial to maximise opportunities or respond to challenges.

Shorthorn breeders enjoy access to all major Australian markets for their quality Shorthorn cattle, from domestic markets to export and grass fed markets, Shorthorn carcass quality and MSA compliance ensures that your cattle will always be in demand.

Whilst nothing beats profit, we all like a premium. Driven by their performance, Shorthorn cattle sell to the top of the grid across the widest possible market segments. Shorthorn cattle are preferred by backgrounders, feedlots and processors.

The JBS Australia Shorthorn Branded Beef program, Thousand Guineas, is a uniquely Shorthorn, premium market, for Shorthorn feeder cattle.

Thousand Guineas delivers the Shorthorn breed’s excellent eating quality attributes directly to the consumer, with outstanding results, resulting in increased demand for quality Shorthorn cattle.


 “Where a rich past meets a bright future”

It is a tough job to stand out in today’s marketplace.

We are constantly told to increase production, increase compliance, decrease risk and differentiate ourselves from other producers.

Shorthorns allow you to do that!.

As costs keep rising, the business model of today is always under pressure from the demands of tomorrow.

When you add Shorthorns to your current production system, you have the ability to increase fertility and production, retain maternal heterosis and genetic gain, increase feed efficiency, increase compliance rates, maintain market versatility, improve temperament and longevity and create a cow herd you can be proud of whilst producing a product that is in demand.

Adding Shorthorn won’t diminish the capital value or performance of your cow herd and you begin to enjoy the benefits of differentiating yourself in the market place.

Ask anyone who is currently using Shorthorn genetics in their program why they do it and they will tell you.

“Profit now comes in Colour!”













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The Shorthorn breed is truly unique, from their distinctive roan colour, to their rich breed history and most importantly, the wonderful community of breeders, there is nothing else quite like a Shorthorn.

The key to the Shorthorn breeds advantage lies in their balanced genetic profile, driven by market participation that has been developed and refined, after more than 200 years of genetic selection under Australian conditions.

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