Why Shorthorns

footerlogoIt’s a big question, but we are really glad you asked!!

Because Shorthorn cattle are bred to solve problems, not create them.

The Shorthorn community is a dynamic and exciting place to be.

Backed by an innovative and professional approach to solving the needs of today’s challenging production environment, Shorthorn breeders believe in the continuing development of the breed and strive to ensure that the breed continues to deliver for both it’s members and customers.

The Shorthorn community thrives on innovation and created one of Australia’s first, large scale, progeny test programs, the Durham Research and Development program, driving genetic gain and progress within the breed.

Shorthorn Youth enjoys a tremendous reputation for cultivating today’s Youth into tomorrows leaders, in a safe and friendly environment.

Whether you are looking for solutions to increase your bottom line, or would like to feel as though you are part of something bigger, the Shorthorn community prides itself on being a great community to be part of.

BeefShorthornS“The breed that built Australia”

Maternal efficiency is one of the greatest profit drivers in any cattle breeding business, and the Shorthorn breed excels in efficient and effective production.

Whether you are using Shorthorns in a purebred or crossbred herd, Shorthorn females enjoy a reputation as one of the most efficient and functional production breeds in the world.

Australia is a country of extreme seasonal variation. Shorthorn cattle are extremely Feed Efficient, allowing them to retain high fertility levels and high production records, even under tough seasonal conditions.

For cross breeding herds, Shorthorns genetics balance out all the traits of economic importance, however, Shorthorns are also one of the most complimentary breeds in the world, having formed the basis of over 40 breeds worldwide.

With an ideal temperament and increased longevity, Shorthorn females are in demand. For purebred herds they retain your capital value for longer than other breeds, for crossbred herds they allow you to capture both maternal heterosis and genetic gain with one of the worlds most complimentary breeds.

IMG_4098“Because the customer is always right”

Shorthorn breeders understand that they are one link in the Beef Supply Chain. More than understand it, they respect it.

Quality or quantity, always the big question for any production system.  So why target just one category?

Shorthorn cattle have excellent marbling traits, and combine these with high yield percentages. They are also extremely efficient converters of feed.

What does this mean for you?

Shorthorn cattle deliver high compliance rates and extremely consistent performance across a variety of market specifications, whilst requiring less feed to achieve it. That means happier customers and more margin for you. This is why Shorthorns are in high demand today.

Whether you are targeting early turnoff or premium markets and whether your system demands grain-fed or grass-fed performance, Shorthorn cattle deliver a better bottom line.

 IMG_3876“You can’t afford not to!”

It is a tough job to stand out in today’s marketplace.

We are constantly told to increase production, increase compliance, decrease risk and differentiate ourselves from other producers.

Shorthorns allow you to do that!

Best of all, the Shorthorn production model is safe, without the higher risks that usually come with higher returns.

As costs keep rising, the business model of today is always under pressure from the demands of tomorrow.

When you add Shorthorns to your current production system, you have the ability to increase fertility and production, retain maternal heterosis and genetic gain, increase feed efficiency, increase compliance rates, maintain market versatility, improve temperament and longevity and create a cow herd you can be proud of whilst producing a product that is in demand.

Adding Shorthorn won’t diminish the capital value or performance of your cow herd and you begin to enjoy the benefits of differentiating yourself in the market place.

Ask anyone who is currently using Shorthorn genetics in their program why they do it and they will tell you.

“They can’t afford not to!”

















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Rachel Angus from Guyra has had another fantastic result at the Wingham Beef Week.
The steer was placed 2nd on the hook in the light domestic class, missing out on first place by under a point.
The steer a half-brother to the steer that took out last year’s Champion Lightweight was exhibited by RBE Enterprises.
The Shorthorn steer received an overall carcass score of 86.9, with an MSA Marble Score of 320.
The other highlight for this steer was selling at auction for $7.80/kg which was the top price for the class.
Congratulations to the Angus Family & RBE Enterprises on a fantastic result.
You can also check out the Auction by clicking the link below!
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Lot 48: Nero XLT Lear L108 sells June 14...

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#Shorthorn National Show & Sale June 13t...

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