Yamburgan Shorthorns: 70 Wins in 6 Years

Yamburgan Shorthorns have again scooped the pool in the 2017 RAS Beef Challenge awards.
A pen of 6 Yamburgan Shorthorn heifers took out the Export 100 Day Champion pen award with an ADG of 2.3 kg/day, 54.91% Dressing Percentage, EMA average of 90 sq. cm, Marble Score average of 2.5, MSA Index average of 63.36 points and average Profitability score of $192 per head.
The team also provided the Champion Individual 100 Day Carcass, Reserve Champion Individual 100 day Carcass as well as the 4th placed Individual 100 Day carcass. The team also provided the first, second and third place getters for the 100 Day Export Profitability award, with the Champion Carcass finishing with $345.23 more profit than the competition average.

In the live judging the Yamburgan Shorthorns recorded some amazing weight gain performance at the end of the short fed 100 day grain fed program.

Yamburgan Shorthorns achieved:

Top weight gain individual @ 3.01 kg/day
2nd weight gain individual @ 2.99 kg/day

2nd pen of 6 weight gain @ 2.388 kg/day
4th pen of 6 weight gain @ 2.364 kg/day

For Yamburgan Shorthorns, the win marked their 70th Carcass competition award in just 6 years. In the 2016 RAS Beef Challenge, Yamburgan Shorthorns took the award for the 70 Day Domestic Individual Champion.
Yamburgan principal, John Manchee said, “I am extremely proud of the performance of this group. The win demonstrates our ability to maintain and improve fat cover, whilst still delivering the important combination of high yields and excellent marbling.”
The win comes on the back of other recent awards for the Shorthorn breed, including the blind taste test competition held at The Regatta Hotel in Brisbane and Champion Export Carcass at the Royal Adelaide Show TFI Carcass Competition.

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About Shorthorn

The Shorthorn breed is truly unique, from their distinctive roan colour, to their rich breed history and most importantly, the wonderful community of breeders, there is nothing else quite like a Shorthorn.

The key to the Shorthorn breeds advantage lies in their balanced genetic profile, driven by market participation that has been developed and refined, after more than 200 years of genetic selection under Australian conditions.

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