2022 Guyra Shorthorn Feature Show Report

Saturday 19th February 2022

By Neilson & Sue Job

A big congratulations must go to the organising group, headed by Chad Williamson, for this most successful event.  The quality on show was a great tribute to the breed and breeders. 

There were seven studs represented at the show, Emross, Kingsley Vale, Maddison Park, Nagol Park, Southcote, Trojon and JJ Shorthorns and it has to be said that the females took the limelight. It began with the 12 months and under class which showed some exceptional quality with nine entries.  This was won by Emross Scarlett Ribbons who later became Junior Champion Female.  The 12 to 16 month class was also taken out by Emross with E.Stellar Performance. The 16 to 20 month class was taken out by Nagol Park YS Romance 119.

Maddison Park Sparkle was the reserve Champion Junior Female with Emross winning the pair of Junior Heifers.

The Senior cow class was again an impressive display for the breed with Nagol Park Ellies Romance L203 edging out her stable mate NP ELMT Romance L146 for first place.  These two were Senior and Reserve Senior Champions.

The Grand Champion Female award was a treat for the spectators with both ends of the age spectrum competing and both making a great impression.  In the end the seven year old show veteran, Romance L203 won out over the 11 month Emross Scarlett Ribbons but no spectator was left in any doubt that Shorthorn females are ‘the goods’.

There were less bulls on display but they still made an impact.  Bull under 12 months went to Kingsley Vale Sherlock S8, the 12-16 month winner was Kingsley Vale Sully S2 while the 16-20 month class was taken out by the eventual Grand Champion Bull, Nagol Park PB Rum R121.  The Senior Champion bull was Maddison Park Inferno.  The Pair of Bulls went to Kingsley Vale. 

In the final event in the Shorthorn section, the Supreme Shorthorn award was won by the female, Nagol Park Ellies Romance L203. 

Shorthorns dominated the interbreed classes with Nagol Park winning the Interbreed Group, Kingsley Vale winning the Pair of Bulls, Emross the Pair of Heifers, Emross Scarlett Ribbons the Junior Heifer and Nagol Park Ellie’s Romance L203 won the bulk of awards with  the Cow & Calf, Senior and Grand Champion Female and topping it off with the Supreme Beast of the Show. 

Congratulations to every exhibitor for flying the Shorthorn flag with such style and class.

The ground commentator stated after the interbreed win by Emross ‘ I hope everyone likes Shorthorns because they are here to stay’.  He sure is correct !!

OTHER NEWS:  Congratulations to Rebecca Ritchie and her husband Scott Barass of DPK Shorthorns, Narromine, on the birth of their first baby, Patrick Thomas, recently. 

2022 Shorthorn Feature Show Grand Champion Shorthorn goes to Nagol Park with Nagol Park Ellie’s Romance L203. Thankyou to Spry’s Shorthorns for sponsoring this award!

Source: Guyra Show

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