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Foot and Mouth Disease

The Australian beef industry potentially faces an extremely serious situation with the outbreak of FMD in Indonesia. The outbreak started in April 2022 and there are now over 200,000 animals affected. A vaccination program commenced on June 14. On July 5th, it was reported that there were 63 cases in Bali.

While Australia has an incursion response pre planned, with vaccine available, the threat is not to be taken lightly. An outbreak in Australia of this contagious viral disease would have a severe effect on trade and animal health.

All farmers must educate themselves about FMD, check their animals regularly and know how best to prevent the disease entering Australia. Enforce your biosecurity protocols.

If you travel to Indonesia, try and avoid going near any animals, wash your clothes at a laundromat when you arrive home, and thoroughly clean your footwear.

Please click here for information about Foot and Mouth Disease


Further information about Foot and Mouth Disease

Cattle Council of Australia Foot and Mouth Information Hub



If you suspect any signs of FMD it must be reported to the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888 or a local veterinarian immediately. (NSW DPI)

Shorthorn Beef Monthly Newsletter – JULY

Click the below link to view the July Newsletter!

Packed full with Dubbo National Show and Sale Results, AGM Report, Branch News, Genetics Opportunities for breeders, Important Reminders and more!


After several years of Covid-19 cancellations the Royal Melbourne Show is on again in 2022! 

As one of the premier show events in Australia, this presents another great opportunity for Shorthorn breeders and supporters to showcase and support the breed. The Victorian Shorthorn Committee encourages members to make the most of this opportunity, whether it be in the carcase completion, in the show ring or just in your general attendance and support.

In 2021 and 2022 the Shorthorn breed has had some fantastic results. This includes bull sales such as Naracoorte and stud sales, on Auctions Plus, at sale yards and with the JBS Thousand Guineas program. The Royal Melbourne show is another opportunity to raise the profile of the breed and continue this exciting momentum.

Members can begin entering animals in either the show/judging (from June 3rd) or carcase (from May 25th) competitions, with the entries closing on Tuesday July 26th.

Please see the links below:

Beef Carcase competition Enter here:
Beef Cattle competition Enter here:

Further details and specifics will be communicated in the coming weeks and Shorthorn Beef would love to see exhibitors, members and supporters around the show ring at the 2022 Royal Melbourne Show.

Image contributed by Dion Brook


By Branches Director/Minutes Secretary, Amanda Barlow

Thank you to all members who continue to be involved with the Shorthorn Beef branches. Branch members are still enjoying generally favourable seasonal conditions for their cattle. However this ranges from too much rain in the east to too little rain in SA. For the Riverina, it is the best start to the cropping season in a long time.

Presently, many branch members are preparing their bulls for Dubbo which should be a very strong sale. There are 105 bulls, 13 heifers and several genetics packages. This compares with 71 bulls offered last year. Good luck to all vendors!

The Tasmanian branch is to be commended for organising and running a Tasmanian Shorthorn Feature sale through Webb and Woodiwiss in April. There were over 20 lots of working age and yearling bulls, cow and calf units, PTIC and yearling heifers as well as commercial lines of weaner and yearling steers and heifers. Vendors included North Eastern, Royston, Sillwood and The Den Shorthorns. Some of the results were: 2 bulls sold, $5000 (Lot 5- Sillwood Reagan to JA & R Van Ruiswyk, King Island) and $4500(Lot 9- The Den Reload to Gibson Brothers)
-2/2 cow and calf units sold for $3500 to D & L LeFevre, Goulds Country
-2/2 PTIC Heifers sold to $4000 (Lot 16- Royston NTR Judith R61 to D & L LeFevre, Goulds Country) and averaged $3875.
Semen units sold to $120 a straw for Royalla Trigger.
There was strong demand for the commercial cattle with all lots selling. Highlights included: 6x PTIC Heifers a/c RS & RM Woodiwiss sold for $3030
-6x Yearling Heifers a/c RS & RM Woodiwiss sold for $1890
-Weaner Heifers a/c Aylett Contracting and BR Durham and Son made from $5.70-$5.86/kg, weighing from 210-257kg
-Yearling Steers a/c Sillwood Pastoral made $5.52-$5.53/kg, weighing from 298-317kg.

The Victorian branch is keen to highlight the upcoming Melbourne Show to members and encourage Shorthorn entries in both the Show and carcass competitions. Recently, Rob and Karen Rogers of Chester Shorthorns of Krowera, Victoria offered a small assortment of 6 PTIC Stud heifers on Auctions Plus. These sold for $4880 per head.

The South Australian branch is working very hard to organise its SA Junior Heifer Expo. This will take place 18-21 July at the Adelaide Showgrounds with the SA branch as one of the sponsors. Chair, Ben Golding, said that organisation is going very well with the event completely booked out in 2 days. Capacity was then extended and there are now approximately 171 competitors entered. They range in age from 8 to 24 and come from as far afield as WA, Queensland and NSW, as well as SA. Ben thinks it is nice to see people coming from interstate after Covid.

The Shorthorn Beef Board wishes all branches success with their events and continuation of high prices and favourable seasons throughout the rest of the year. Well done to all those selling Shorthorn cattle. It is wonderful to see buyers having the opportunity to purchase quality stud Shorthorn stock.

AI Sires list

SPJ Dynamic D01_2.4.10_DSC02947Approved AI Sires prior to 01.01.08

Registration of progeny from Sires approved as AI Sires prior to 01.01.08 under the “old” regulations is subject to section 8a. of the Rules and Regulations. Specific attention is drawn to the issue of AI certificates and limitations applying to semen sales.

Adair Astronomer – M64/01562
Alice Downs Knightly 28th – M67/01525
Alice Downs Supreme 20th – M67/00318
Alice Downs Supreme 27th – M67/01524, Mandalong Investments Pty Ltd
Alta Cedar Signature 119N – IMP470543, CH & VM Hawkins
Armstrong Major League – 97X06140, I.A.S. Withers
Austins Idol 0045 – IMP00045, Broome Pty Ltd

Battunga Statesman 1st – KATZ01, McKay Bros
Bayview Advantage – 94/02243, HG Thompson & Sons
Bayview Delegate – M77/00838, H.G. Thompson & Sons
Bayview Gardener 2nd – M83/00906, L.E., S.W. & J.E. Peterson
Bayview Geoff V35 – HT V35, G Morgan & Co.
Belmore Fuel Injected V12 – IAWV12, I.A.S. Withers
Belmore Hamersley X61 – IAWX61, Semex Pty Ltd
Belmore Hamish 2nd – M80/03324, NH & SE Job
Belmore Masai – M83/01899, I.A.S. Withers
Bogan Cavalier – M67/01651
Bogan Foxer – M70/00096, S Carter
Bogan Jackaroo – M74/00272
Bogan Regent – M82/01749, Bomack Pastoral Co
Bogan Yalta – M64/00018
Bomack Ben 2nd – M67/03045
Broadwood Nugget U1 – MRJU01, RB, CJ, WR & LJ Ham
Broome Flame – L2 V116, Broome Pty Ltd
Broome Kentucky A111 – L2 A111, J, S, G & M Tink
Broome Quality – M85/00474, Broome Pty Ltd & W.A. Austin
Broughton Park Canadian Chief – 94/02087, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Broughton Park Senator Y065 – KSTY065, LV & SM Job
Broughton Park Sensation W062 – KSTW062, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Bundaleer Dixon – M75/01812, David N Perry
Bundaleer Fielding – M77/02146, KA & EL Williams
Bundaleer Statesman 5 – 89/05350, GE Ashby & Sons
Byland Mission 6RD112 – IMP3985938, NH & SE Job

Byland Explosion 1AW62 – 91/06503, Broome Pty Ltd

CF Masterkey 014 – 90B06302 , L J C, R T & J T Manchee
Chatswood Park Winning Drive – 91X06672, K.S. Trengove & Sons
CJH Super Bright W023 – CJHW023, Jack Henry & Heidi Austin
Clargo Andrew – M79/01499, B L & Mrs S Ridley
Clargo Maitland – M73/02084
Clargo Stockbroker Y47 – BSRY47, James Hall
C P Boston Bodacious 12H – 98/05924, J, S, G & M Tink
Cramp Cattle Co. Red Cloud – 98X04815, T & L Bennett
Crooked Post Triple A 8K – IMP9020, Semex Pty Ltd

Dandaloo Laddie 63rd – M68/00759
Dandaloo Royal Duke – M64/00339, MacKinnon Bros
Darweena Challenge 5th – M78/02769, KL & VJ Ridley
Darweena Junction – M76/01436, F.H. Steer
Darweena Royal Junction – M82/01861, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Darweena Supreme Junction – M82/01856, G Morgan & Co
DCC Prophet – M54/03772, HA & SA Panizza & Co
Deerhorn Cruickshank 946 – IMP4010471, NH & SE Job
Derribong Matchmaker – M69/00189
DFS Red Rider – 98/05932, NH & SE Job
Doolibah Alexander 2nd – M80/03167, James Perfrement & Co
Doolibah Texas – 88/07783, KG & LH Johnson

Eden Park Red Rattler V001 – EHSV001, MJ & KS Spry
Eionmor Ideal 69F – 96/06364, LV & SM Job
Eionmor Clansman – IMP467737, GE Ashby & Sons
Eionmor Masterpiece 36K – IMP468600, Broome Pty Ltd
Eionmor Mr Gus 80C – 93/06445, Broome Pty Ltd
Eionmor Port-O-Call 60H – 98/05893, GJ & LL Spry
Eionmor Ultra 8C – 93/0649, Broome Pty Ltd
Evilo Cherokee T11 – 98/00877, JH & RG Banks

Futurity Outback W1 – JJJW1, Chandler River Pty Ltd

Gafa Captain Macbest 6G – IMP466704, Semex Pty Ltd
Glen Huon Victory – ELBV1, EJ & L Brown
Golden Park Abbot – M72/01948
Gundibri Alaska 7th – M69/03151
Gundibri Escort 17th – M65/02297
Gundibri General 25th – M67/03135
Gundibri General 47th – M69/03166
Gundibri Leader 37th – M65/02315
Gundibri Secret Service – M70/02890, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Gundibri Sword 11 – 97X04087, Gundibri Pty Ltd
GVR Enforcer 768 – 97/06122, GJ & LL Spry

Haddon Rig Major – M80/00810, David N Perry
Haddon Rig Success – M86/01938, SAS Withers
Hazelton Lachlan – M65/01955
Highbank Icelander 2nd – M67/03398, Sprys Partnership
Highbank Ned 2nd – M69/01901
HS Rolex 772 – M54/03811, GJ & LL Spry
HWS Baron 91 – 91X07318, I.A.S. Withers

JG Red Cloud – 95/06027, GJ & LL Spry
JR Legend 78H – 98X05815, GJ & LL Spry
JR Red Ryder 92F– 96/06358, GJ & LL Spry

Kaluga Fulbright – M68/01311, R.D. Dowling
Kaluga Super – M73/01266, Kaluga Partnership
Karoola Debonair – M65/00120
Kelso Grandmaster – M66/01734
Kelso John Bull – M69/02731
Kelso Theodore – M79/02520, Wyarama Pty Ltd
Kelso Trumpeter – M79/02515, J W Richards
Kelso Zeerust – M83/01120, BF & CL McKenna
Kimbolton Cincinatti – M86/01358, Mr D Brown

L’Amour Shannon Star – 96X06185, Arubial Pty Ltd
Lee Supreme Laddie – M72/04479, Balderstone Pastoral
Llandillo Cavalier – M81/02167, Broome Pty Ltd
Limorn Warrior – LNPW6, S Carter
Limorn Wrangler – LNPW20, S Carter
Linsmau Aussie Express 20th – 96/00943, Neearra Farming Co
Lone Pine Astor 2nd – M77/00636, C Partridge & T Carter
Lone Pine Jurist – 97/03348, R.A.,J.A. & P.E. Pridham
Lone Pine Michelago T22 – 98/00326, FE, HM & MD Williams
Lubra Bend Supreme 27th – M53/13275

Mandalong Birch – M82/01644, HA & SA Panizza & Co
Mandalong Cyrus – M68/01249
Mandalong Egan – M70/03222
Mandalong Royal Ambassador – M66/01023
Mandalong Royal Bligh – M67/02503, Anderson Pastoral Co
Mandalong Royal Cassius – M68/02260
Mandalong Royal Chad – M68/02264
Mandalong Royal Charles – M68/00118
Mandalong Royal Douglas – M69/02431
Mandalong Royal El-Toro – M70/00795
Mandalong Royal Errol – M70/00796, Anderson Pastoral Co
Mandalong Royal Garda – M72/00621
Mandalong Royal Influence – M74/03182, Mandalong Investments Pty Ltd
Mandalong Super Elephant – M70/03227, L J & L M Falls & Son
Mandalong Super Elephant 2nd – M72/00033, J J Killmister
Mandalong Super Emerson – M70/03224
Mandalong Super Enterprise – M70/03232
Mandalong Super Ermin – M70/03225
Mandalong Super General – M72/03678, H.G. Thompson & Sons/G.E. Ashby & Sons
Mandalong Super Grant – M72/03677
Marellan Eclectic – JOBWE342, PA & DM Mills
Marellan Emerald – JOBWE18, Jason Trompf
Marellan Ferrari – JOBXF317, NH & SE Job
Marellan Quality Plus – 89/04306, NH & SE Job
Marellan Quinella – 89/04251, Stockport Pastoral Company
Marrington Defiance – M56/24011
Marellan Super Dazzler 1st – 91/03065, NH & SE Job
Marrington Kitehawk Z108 – MPCZ108, G Morgan & Co
Marrington Victory – MPCU74, ER & GF Flint
Marrington Vodka – MSSU1, Thomas Williams
Marschay Spectrum – 97/00925, McKay Bros
Marschay Uptake – DMRU37, McKay Bros
Meriwong Tamar – M72/03618
Miranee Lasseter – M69/03032
Moombi Ideal X24 – MBIX24
Moombi Ledger A03 – MBIA03, Arubial Pty Ltd

Nagol Park Statesman S073 – 97X03417, A & W Lambell Pty Ltd
Nagol Park Tailor-Made – 98X01950, RW & NL Evans
Nago Park York St Y064 – NLRY064, Arubial Pty Ltd
Narralda Leader 4th – 89/01532, AH & HL Burrow
Narralda Ledger W55 – TV4W55, PA & DM Mills
Narralda Legends Endeavour X37 – TV4X37, G.R. & J.A.N. Williamson
Neearra Xceed – M9X564, Neearra Farming Co
Nepowi Passport – M75/02063
Nero S.S. James – 89/01459, Gillian Leeds
Newbold Kingsley – M70/00659

Oakton Enticer – 89/00237, Arubial Pty Ltd
Oakton Renovator R78 – 96X02020, JG & JA Hall
Orena Super Rattler 02 002 – IMP209302002, James Filby

Pakaraka Sprys Quarterback Q118 – 95/06047, GJ & LL Spry
Petersons Sprys Designer – 97X01441, RA & JK Brook
Pioneer Corker – M69/03053
Polldale Now’s Th’Time – 91/04591, KA & EL Williams
Priory Park Operator 2 – 89/02327, S Carter

Rockdell Pride 50K – IMP9236, GJ & LL Spry
Ronelle Park Wyatt Earp – RJJW106, GL & LL Spry
Royalla Exterminator – JSNWE293, Jason Trompf
Royalla Walter Little – 95X05531, HG Thompson & Sons
RPS Brag – 88/07891, GJ & LL Spry

Saskvalley Pioneer 126P – IMP471053, J, S, G & M Tink
Shadybrook Scotty 83K – IMP468361, Semex Pty Ltd
Sprys Instant Powerhouse 3rd – 89/05069, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Master Blaster Z039 – GLSZ039, S.E. Thomas
Sprys Might & Power S127 – 97X01243, Weemabah Pty Ltd
Sprys Red Uranus V112 – GLSV112, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Rolex Cherokee 2nd – 88/07525, AH & HL Burrow
Sprys Rolex Cherokee 4th – 88/07835, Chatswood Park
Sprys Rolex Cherokee 7th – 89/05458, RM & KK Leach
Sprys True Blue Y033 – GLSY033, Outback Shorthorns
Sprys Unreal U109 – GLSU019, FE, HM & MD Williams
Sprys Watta Legend X005 – GLSX005, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Watta Legend X008 – GLSX008, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Zambesi 2nd – 87/04917, GJ & LL Spry
SRCC Gunsmoke X702G – 97/06148, NH & SE Job
Sterling Dazzler T5 – 98/05929, Pakaraka Australia
Sterling First Class S6 – 97/05973, BJ & RM Haywood
Stirling View Quaker – 95/00313, CE Hall & Sons
Stirling View Ranger – 96/00688, Pugh Family
Stirling View Truman – 98/00449, CE Hall & Sons
Stirling View Ultimate – CH7U27, Pugh Family
Sutherland Brisbane – IMP4021567, NH & SE Job
Sutherland Bundaberg – 96/06359, NH & SE Job
Sutherland Dazzler 564 – 97/06125, NH & SE Job

Templemore Supremo 3rd – M73/02347, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Tennora Dynamic – M76/03306, OJ Honey & Sons
TNT Macgyver 4W – 87/08148
The Grove Casey 2nd – M72/03480
The Grove Lockyer X857 – BDBX857, G Morgan & Co
The Grove Supreme 3rd – M69/02896, Kaluga Partnership
The Heights Royal Jonathan – M69/03874
Trevino Ultimate 2nd – BP4U18, PM Burnett

Walla Walla Hitchhiker – M66/01497
Waukaru Goldmine – IMP4051692, G Morgan & Co
Waukaru Gold Ship – IMP4023444, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Weebollabolla Theodore T85 – 98/03769, NH & SE Job
Weebollabolla Waratah W26 – AGFW26, Norland Pastoral Pty Ltd
Willow Parl Gay Baron 105th – M53/12086, H & S & S Harris
Wolf Willow Major Leroy 1M – IMP469697, Semex Pty Ltd
Wyarama Pepper – M84/02353, Wyrama Pty Ltd
Wyarama William – 88/07417, Broome Pty Ltd

Yamburgan Blanco 2nd – 88B08014, L J C, R T & J T Manchee
Yamburgan Marcel 15th – 88C07765, L J C, R T & J T Manchee
Yamburgan Waverley 31st – M69/00534

Accredited AI Sires after 31.12.07

Registration of progeny from Sires accredited as AI Sires after 31.12.07 under the “new” regulations is subject to section 8b. of the Rules and Regulations. Members should be aware that sale of semen and registration of calves may be subject to commercial marketing rights held in sires.

Alta Cedar Perfect Storm -IMP4145501, ABS Australia
Alta Cedar Samurai 46T – IMP473081, J, S, G & M Tink
Arubial Accessory A097 – MYMA097, Arubial Pty Ltd
Arubial Jupiter Y165 – MYMY165, Jason & Kylie Catts
Austins Legacy 06009 – IMP200206009, Durham Research & Development
Austins Matrix 0549 – IMP200205049, Durham Research & Development

Banjo Boss Cocky – DEVA1, Outback Shorthorns
Banjo Empress Indiana – DEVY2, B. Emery & M. Ross
Bayview Governor V43 – HT V43, CE Jerry & Co
Bayview Herman A33 – HT A33, NB & LF Rowe
Bayview Knockout Z6 – HT Z6, AJ & PA McBride
Belmore Engineer U6 – IAWU6, IAS Withers
Belmore Exclusive U9 – IAS Withers
Belmore Ipswich Y189 – IAWY189, IAS Withers
Belmore Jackaroo Z109 – IAWZ109, I.A.S Withers
Belmore Nokia D153 – IAWD153, McKay Bros
Biss Element 79 370Z – MCAN19970, R W & N L Evans
Broome Fame V20 – L2 V020, David White
Broome George W28 – L2 W28, Balderstone Pastoral
Broome Gold Class W207 – L2 W207, OR Schwilk
Broome Hudson X154 – L2 X154, Broome P/L
Broome Waco L82 – 91/02793, Balderstone Pastoral

Broughton Park Ambassador C031 – KSTC031, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Broughton Park Cherokee W001 – KSTW001, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Broughton Park Ironman Z013 – KSTZ013, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Broughton Park Millenium T22 – 98X02992, L & S Job & K & V Ridley
Broughton Park Senator Y041 – TBTY041, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Broughton Park Senator Z051 – KSTZ051, Jason Trompf
Broughton Park Thunder A034 – KSTA034, K.S. Trengove & Sons
Broughton Park Thunder C023 – KSTC023, L & S Morgan
Bundaleer Formula One F94 – L J C, R T & J T Manchee
Bundaleer United Chief U21 – GEAU21, GE Ashby & Co
Bundaleer Wizard of Oz W50 – GEAW50, GE Ashby & Co
Bundaleer Yankee Cruiser Y2 – GEAY2, G E Ashby & Sons

Chapelton Wildfire – IMP503801431, RB, CJ, WR & LJ HAM
Coopers Fender Bender – CJCB14, Cooper John Carter
CJH Butler B610 – CJHB610, Jack Henry & Heidi Austin
Crooked Post Grissom 24T – IMPSLU24T, LJC, RT, JT & EN Manchee

Doolibah Premier – 98X00039, Doolibah Partnership
Dunbeacon Super Elephant S7 – 97/05394, Dunbeacon Poll Shorthorn Stud
Dunbeacon Tradesman – MCDW078, Dunbeacon Poll Shorthorn Stud
Durham Vale William – SDVY02, A.P. Stevenson

Eden Park Dundas Awesome – EHSV002, Arubial P/L
Eden Park Stockman – EHSY005, G & L Spry
Eloora Winchester E17 – SBEE17, G J & L L Spry

Futurity Complete Legend – JJJC101, S & K Durrant

Futurity Kung Fu Panda – JJJC73 – Jason & Kylie Catts
Futurity Drought Breaker – JJJA62, John Nitschke Drilling Pty Ltd
Futurity Jack Flash – JJJZ023, Jason & Kylie Catts
Futurity Kurrajong – JJJB86, Jason & Kylie Catts
Futurity Rocket – JJJA064, KG & LH Johnson
Futurity Spotlight Y042 – JJJY042, Jason & Kylie Catts
Futurity Station Master – JJJZ039, Jason & Kylie Catts

Gairnshiel Dazzler GSLB21, L Williamson
Glenell IMF B90 – DACB90, GJ & LL Spry
Glengyron Governor G18 – TPSG18, GJ & LL Spry
Glengyron Pioneer D14 – TPSD14 J & S Morse
Gumble Kefu 2nd – REDX10, R D Dowling

Hazelgrove Bon Scot – HZLB001, TL Lynch
HC Bluebook 22B – MCAN478041
Highrange Dependable D16 – MCWD16, Matthew Walker
Highrange Hallmark H07 – MCWH07, Matthew Walker

Ingleton Bonza B075 – INGB075, Balderstone Pastoral
Ingleton C040 – INGC040, Balderstone Pastoral
Ingleton C111 INGC111, Balderstone Pastoral
Ingleton Hutton – 88/04839, Balderstone Pastoral
Ingleton Uncle Tom INGU029, Balderstone Pastoral
Ingleton Vie V146 – INGV146, Balderstone Pastoral
Intrepid Minstrel – M77/01105, HA & SA Panizza & Co

Jove First Class 1010 – MEGV1010, LV & SM JoB
JSF Mr Right 151Z – MUSA4202792, Semex Pty Ltd

Kamilaroi Blueprint – KMLJ03, Calrossy Anglican School
Kamilaroi Impact Zone – KMLJ07, Calrossy Anglican School
Kamilaroi Jordy – KMLJ23, Calrossy Anglican School
Kamilaroi Meat Packer – KMLH04, Outback Shorthorns
Kevlyn Downs Zulu – KLJZ115, Turanville Partnership
Kilkee Rising Sun F02  – JSTF02, J, S, G & M Tink

Lake Hawdon Arty A45 – SDAA45, Lake Hawdon Proprietors
Little Cedar Reno 301 (USA) – IMP4067831, Durham Research and Development
Linsmau Elnino F39 – 98/01176, Neearra Farming Co
Lone Pine Stardom K55 – 90/00714, Outback Shorthorns

Malton Buckineer 1105 – FSM1105, Malton Shorthorns
Mandalong Blotch – M82/01639, IAS Withers
Marellan Gladiator – JOBYG262, S & K Durrant
Marellan Highlander – JOBZH289, RJ & J Johnstone
Marellan Hum Dinger – JOBZH221, Jason Trompf
Marellan Indesctructible – JOBAI242, NH & SE Job
Marellan Nicodemus – JOBF021, L J S & L J Job
Mining Vale Titanic T49 – 98×01605, Mining Vale Pastoral Co
Moombi Baron P21 – 94/01309, OR Schwilk
Moombi Discovery D56 – MBID56, LV & SM Job
Moombi Electric Y86 – MBIY86, KL & VJ Ridley
Moombi McGaw A00 – MBIA00, LV & SM Job
Moombi Ooktali G34 – MBIG34, LV & SM Job
Moombi Theodore Z09 – MBIZ09, LV & SM Job
Moombi Zoro C21 – MBIC21, L V & S M Job
Moombi Zoro G52– MBIG52, LV & SM Job

Nagol Park Beaut Bull B031 – NLRB031, RW & NL Evans
Nagol Park EM Kodiak K135 – NLRK135, RW & NL Evans
Nagol Park EM Zone Z003 – NLRZ003, RW & NL Evans
Nagol Park Yeostreet Y071 – NLRY071, RW & NL Evans
Nagol Park Y2K Wall Street W035 – NLRW035, Dunbeacon
Narralda Aladdin A048 – TV4A048, L J C, R T & J T Manchee
Narralda Bushranger B114 -TV4B114, G Morgan & Co
Narralda Crusher C190 – TV4C190,  A H & H L Burrow
Narralda El Dorado E108 – TV4E108, A H & H L Burrow
Narralda Jennys Gift Z159 – TV4Z159, RJ & J Johnstone
Narralda Ledger W48 – TV4W48, G Morgan & Co
Narralda Universe T4 – 98×00945, P Vincent
Narralda Virginia A021 – TV4A021, Trent Johnstone
Narralda Warlord V63 – TF4V63, A & H Burrow
Narralda Xfiles X27 – TV4X27, Jan Cornish
Neearra Govenor – M9XD2, Neearra Farming Co
Nero E.L. Balance B082 -VKRB082, KL & VJ Ridley
Nero E.M. Bottom Line B094 -VKRB094, KL & VJ Ridley
Nero EM Zeehan Z017 – VKRZ017, P Durrant
Nero Y2K Zee Top Z034 – VKRZ034, John Nitschke
Northern Legend 3N – IMP470509, I.A.S. Withers
Nullamanna Balsa – SDNB28, S & K Durrant

Oakton Distinction D30 – GH D30, JG & JA Hall
Oakton Renovator R75 – 96X02024, OR Schwilk
Outback Joker J328 – OB J328, Outback Shorthorns
Outback Sprys Balance G266 – OB G266, Outback Shorthorns

Polldale Magnum – 90/01742, CH & VM Hawkins

Red Rose Gold Spear Ruffian – IMP470834, Semex Pty Ltd
Royalla Dollars – JSNV52, Jeff & Chris Hall
Royalla Edinburgh – JSNWE326, S & K Durrant
Royalla Next of Kin F261 – JSNF261, NH & SE Job

Saskvalley Primo 40P – ABS Australia
Shady Lane Rockstar – MCAN18432
Shamak Prophet – 87/05702, Justin Pty Ltd
Southcote Hero H1 – SC H1, Justin Pty Ltd
Southcote Yale Y157 – SC Y157, D & C Morris
SPJ Reload X16 – SPJX16, Arubial P/L
Springwood Station Hercules – SAWZ13, PA & DM Mills
Sprys All Gold D052 – GLSD052, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Aussie Gold B086 – GLSB086, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Bonecrusher B030 – GLSB030, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Dellas Gold Spear G1 – GLSG1, G J & L L Spry
Sprys Exclusive E021– MKSE021, Outback Shorthorns
Sprys Fays Zoo B026 – GLSB026, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Genesis G019 – MKSG019, Outback Shorthorns
Sprys Grandslam T58 – 98/03261, Kerry Downs Partnership
Sprys Icons Wagman C092 – GLSC092, G Morgan & Co
Sprys Just A Legend W019 – GLSW019, CH & VM Hawkins
Sprys Just Right – SPRZ007, Alec Burrows
Sprys Patent G60 – GLSG60, G J & L L Spry
Sprys Perfection B060 – GLSB060, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Prides Star C034 – GLSC034, RA & JK Brook
Sprys Primrose’s Buddy J17GLSJ17, GJ & LL Spry & Tippetts Glengyron
Sprys Pure Gold Y083 – GLSY083, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Rather Impressive A007 – SPRA007, T & L Bennett
Sprys Red Ultra U003 – GLSU003, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Red Rocket B069 – GLSB069, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Rock Solid H5 – GLSH5, Outback Shorthorns
Sprys Solution E006 – GLSE006, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Superstar F19 – GLSF19, G J & L L Spry
Sprys Thelmas Uranus C089 – GLSC089, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys TLC Dynamic B174 – GLSB174, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys Warrior Z017 – GLSZ017, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys What A Cracker – GLSD050, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys What a Ripper B158 – GLSB158, GJ & LL Spry
Sprys X Factor F173 – GLSF173, Outback Shorthorns
Sutherland Titleist 269 – MUSA3902216, Marellan

Terralea xpect Z54 – KTWZ54, Doolibah Partnership
The Grove Benchmark Y931 – BDBY931, GJ, LL ,MJ & KS Spry
The Grove Boss Drover – BDBV013, G Morgan & Co
The Grove Helmsman T154 – 98X04052, G Morgan & Co
The Grove Informant Y463 – BDBY463, G Morgan & Co
The Grove Kamilaroi W057 – BDBW057, Woolcott Shorthorns
The Grove Kaspowicz W791 – BDBW791, G Morgan & Co
The Grove Kingswood W731 – BDBW731, Woolcott Shorthorns & G Morgan & Co
The Grove Kookaburra W735 – BDBW735, I.A.S Withers
The Grove Legend A584 – BDBA584, G Morgan & Co
The Grove New Legend Z058 – BDBZ058, L J C, R T & J T Manchee
The Grove Oscar A748 – BDBA748, G Morgan & Co
The Grove Ossie A957 – BDBA957, Arubial Pty Ltd
The Grove Phenomenan B295 – BDBB295, Futurity Shorthorns
The Grove Prophet Dazzler S40 – 97/05180, Brownlie Grazing Co
The Grove Red Legend D815 – BDBD815, G Morgan & Co
The Grove Regent D817 – BDBD817, G Morgan & Co
The Grove Taboo E228 – BDBE228, D W & A M Cameron
Tregonning L’Amour Paddy – TREX638, H & S & S Harris
Turanville Chicago – DRRZ082, Futurity Shorthorns
Turanville Zulu C48 – DRRC048, Futurity Shorthorns

Waukaru 2109 Gold 4188 – IMP4090751, G Morgan & Co
Waukaru Brisbane 4111 – IMP4081361, G Morgan & Co
Waukaru Coppertop 464 – IMP4081334, G Morgan & Co
Waukaru Gold Card 5042 – IMP4095819, Durham Research & Development
Weebollabolla Alcapone A96 – AGFA96, Norland Pastoral Pty Ltd
Weebollabolla Impact Y156 – AGFY156, Norland Pastoral Pty Ltd
Weebollabolla Neewarra N83 – 93/04961, Norland Pastoral Pty Ltd
Weebollabolla Turbo T83 – 98/03810, Norland Pastoral Pty Ltd
Weebollabolla Urbenville U68 – AGFU68, Norland Pastoral Pty Ltd
Weebollabolla Zepplin Z130 – AGFZ130, Norland Pastoral Pty Ltd
Woolcott A486 – EWAA486, G Morgan & Co
Woolcott B389 – EWAB389, Woolcott Shorthorns
Woolcott BMW Z305 – EWAZ305, Woolcott Shorthorns
Woolcott Millinium – EWAU2, Woolcott Shorthorns
Wynyard Cavalier – M56/42332, JG Schneider & QMJ Schneider
Wynyard High Life – PAMH39, PA Mills
Wynyard Jesse James J19 – PAMJ19, PA Mills

Yamburgan Cassius Clay C108 – YY C108, LJ C, RT & JT Manchee
Yamburgan Churchill C26 – YY C26, L, R & J Manchee
Yamburgan Emperor E103 – YY E103. L J C, R T, J N & E N Manchee
Yamburgan Everest E102 – YY E102, L J C, R T, J N & E N Manchee
Yamburgan Grissom G31 – YY G31, L J C, R T, J T & E N Manchee
Yamburgan Lockyer 13th – YY A95, L J C, R T & J T Manchee
Yamburgan Lockyer 18th – YY A124, JG & JA Hall
Yamburgan Mittiebah 3rd – YY W136, L J C, R T & J T Manchee
Yamburgan Ossie D59 – YY D59, L J C, R T, J N & E N Manchee
Yamburgan Ossie E65 – YY E65, L J C, R T, J N & E N Manchee
Yamburgan Poseidon E11 – YY E11, L J C, R T, J T & E N Manchee
Yamburgan Sparta F149 – YY F149, L J C, R T, J T & E N Manchee
Yamburgan Tobermorey F90 – YY F90, L J C, R T, J T & E N Manchee
Yamburgan Zeus H140 – YY H140, L J C, R T, J T & E N Manchee
Yamburgan Zeus K25 – YY K25, Nagol Park Shorthorns

Zenith Unity U29 – ZPSU29, Zenith Pastoral

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About Shorthorn

The Shorthorn breed is truly unique, from their distinctive roan colour, to their rich breed history and most importantly, the wonderful community of breeders, there is nothing else quite like a Shorthorn.

The key to the Shorthorn breeds advantage lies in their balanced genetic profile, driven by market participation that has been developed and refined, after more than 200 years of genetic selection under Australian conditions.

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