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Shorthorn Beef offers many DNA service options. Samples are processed by Neogen Australasia. It is important to allow up to 6 weeks for test results to be returned, so please ensure that tests are requested as soon as practically possible to avoid delays on results.


NEOGEN Australasia
14 Hume Drive
QLD 4304


Please see current fee schedule for DNA pricing 

TSU Samples are preferred. Hair samples have a $3.30 surcharge, semen samples have a $5.50 surcharge for any tests.

TSU Test kits and applicators are available from Shorthorn Beef, Allflex and Neogen.

DNA Submission Instructions:

  1. Complete the DNA request form and email to registrar@genetichub.com.au.
  2. The registrars will process your request and email you with a processed DNA request spreadsheet.
  3. Print the DNA spreadsheet received from the registrars and post with your sample/s direct to Neogen.
  4. NEOGEN Australasia

          14 Hume Drive


         QLD 4304

5. The registrars will send through your DNA testing invoice. DNA results will not be loaded until this invoice has been paid.

6. Neogen will start processing your samples when they arrive at the lab, with a general turnaround time between 4 – 6 weeks.

7. Once the registrars receive the results and the invoice is paid, the results will be loaded and emailed through to you.

DNA Regulation:

Prior to registration of progeny in the HBR or SFA Registers all sires and donor dams, (after 1st January 2018), will be required to have a DNA profile undertaken by a laboratory approved by the Shorthorn Society.

This means that calves born from the 01/01/2018 can’t be registered until their sire or donor dam has been DNA typed.

To submit an animal/s for testing, you must fill out the DNA request form and email back to registrar@genetichub.com.au. The registrar team will then check the request and send back a processed DNA request spreadsheet to print off and send with your sample/s to the lab.

A few points to follow:

  • Have the animal on the system before testing. This will ensure we will be able to load the results and results will not be missed later. The animal doesn’t have to be fully registered; it can be unregistered. If you are unsure of the parents, hence getting the animal tested, put the animal on the system with the most likely parents, if the results come back different from the lab, then we will update the parentage details.
  • We recommend that you get the Standard Bundle for your animals which will include a DNA Profile, Parent Verification where possible, Poll Test and Myostatin Test.
  • Send all samples on your form. DO NOT send the form and only send half the samples. If this happens the lab has been told to post your samples back.
  • TSU samples are preferred by the lab, they do accept hair and semen samples, but a surcharge applies.
  • The technology the lab uses is SNP Profiles, some time ago they used the MiP technology. There is a lot of DNA profiles on the system with MiP technology which is fine for the regulations however the lab is unable to do parentage between MiP and SNP profiles. If you are wanting to verify to a MiP profile, then you must submit a new sample for that animal to obtain a SNP profile to complete the parent verification.
  • Once the registrars have processed your DNA request, you will be issued an invoice. DNA results will not be uploaded to the database unless the invoice has been paid.


Shorthorn Standard Bundle (SHTH_BDL-GAA)

The Shorthorn Standard Bundle is the most cost effective solution for most members DNA requirements. The bundle includes a GGP-100K panel as well as parentage, poll testing and myostatin testing at no extra cost. The Shorthorn Standard Bundle costs $66 including GST for TSU samples. This is an extra $75.90 in value at no cost.

The 100K panel is also used for IGS GE-EPD’s.

Under the current Shorthorn Beef Regulations all new sires and donor dams as of 1st July 2019 are required to have a Shorthorn Standard bundle test prior to registering any progeny.

Shorthorn MOOVE Program (GGP_Bovine_100K_IGS)

This is a collaborative research program between Shorthorn Beef and Neogen Australasia. Members may be eligible to have their females tested under the MOOVE program at discounted rates, provided they agree to meet the necessary conditions. MOOVE testing includes a GGP-100K test for $33.00 per test. Only TSU tests will be accepted for the MOOVE Program.

Moove Program Flyer

Neogen Igenity Beef – Commercial producers only

Igenity Beef is a DNA selection tool for Shorthorn and Shorthorn (British and European) cross commercial producers who are looking to make more informed heifer selection decisions.

Igenity Beef will report a score from 1-10 on 16 maternal, growth and carcase traits as a prediction of progeny performance as well as up to 3 Indexes and parentage. Breeders will also have access to the Igenity dashboard which will help them to interpret and use their results effectively.

Cost for Igenity Beef testing is approximately $40 per TSU sample and is billed directly by Neogen. Please contact Neogen or Shorthorn Beef for more details.

Seeksire for Parent Verification only (Seeksire or SeekSire + PV)

Seeksire is a base marker test used for the purposes of Parent verification. The test costs $33 including GST and may also require parent/s to have a SNP panel recorded (if they do not already have one) at a cost of $33 per parent for TSU samples.

Poll Testing (POLL)

Poll testing can be conducted as a standalone test of visually polled animals for either homozygous or heterozygous poll status. The stand alone Poll test costs $35.20 including GST for TSU samples.

Myostatin E226X (MSTN)

Animals may be tested for carrier status of the Myostatin E226X gene as a stand alone test. The stand alone Myostatin test costs $35.20 including GST for TSU samples.

Pestivirus (BVDV/PI)

Animals may be tested for the presence of Pestivirus PI (persistently infected) carriers in your herd. This can be done by hair sample or TSU sample as an add-on to any other test, however it is ideal that hair samples are less than 3 weeks old when tested, so it is recommended that you send samples as soon after taking them as possible to allow for postage time. The add-on Pestivirus (BVDV) test costs $11 including GST.

Alternatively, members may choose to use the standalone tissue sample test for BVDV-PI provided by Swan Veterinary Services. This costs $8.80 per tests and offers a quick turnaround time once samples have been received. Members need to use the special Shorthorn Beef form which must be supplied with the samples. Members wishing to use this service should contact the Shorthorn Beef office who will organise test kits to be sent to you. Swan Veterinary Services will invoice you directly for the work.

Swan Veterinary Shorthorn Submission Form

PHA, TH and DS.

The above tests are required for export of semen to other countries and for importing an animal from either the Performance Herds Australia or the Beef Shorthorn Australia Herdbooks. It is also a requirement before registering progeny in Australia of imported sires, imported dams or progeny by imported embryo’s that the sire and dam are first tested Free of PHA, TH and DS. These tests are conducted externally and may take extra time to process.

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