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Now the dust has settled on what was an extraordinary SYCA charity auction for 2020 as a committee we thought it was time to again thank everyone who influenced the amazing result.
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Neogen will no longer be able to conduct MiP DNA testing from January 1st 2021. Whilst this won't affect the registration of any progeny of these animals, it will mean that Shorthorn Beef will no longer be able to provide parent verification for any progeny of MiP tested parents, unless the parent is upgraded to a SNP panel first.
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Next week’s IGS evaluation, which will be loaded to CGen on Tuesday 17th November, will include carcase ultrasound records for animals that were up to 900 days old when they were ultrasounded. This will provide a substantial amount of extra data to the IGS evaluation, which will cause some reranking within the population, however will also be more in line with many breeders management systems.
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With tremendous support from auction donors, bidders and under bidders, the Shorthorn Youth Club Charity Auction for 2020 has raised a staggering $18,015.
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Register Calves


How to Use the Shorthorn Beef Password Login

How to Manage Your Shorthorn Beef Online Live Inventory

How to Register calves with Shorthorn Beef

The Shorthorn Breed stems from the oldest cattle Herdbook in the world.

Registering Shorthorn calves is an easy process and provides access to the Shorthorn Herdbook as well as pedigree details and more.

To register Shorthorn calves with us, you will need to be an appropriate member of Shorthorn Beef.

For seedstock producers there are no registration charges. For commercial producers, there is a $3.30 inc. GST charge for new female registrations.

Shorthorn Beef uses the CGen software platform to manage registrations and report IGS EPD’s. CGen is a live platform that allows breeders to manage their own calf registrations, providing the parents are recorded prior. Any new animal registrations (parents not recorded), will need to be processed by the Shorthorn Beef office.

CGen is live, so as soon as animals are registered, they will appear in the system. Prior to registering calves, breeders will need to have a membership number and a breeder login password, to allow them to access their herds dashboard.

CGen allows breeders to have two levels of registrations.

The first level is as a “Recorded” animal. This is preferred when breeders first register new calves as breeders are able to change any records such as name, sex, poll status at a later date, if necessary. Recorded animals are not able to be viewed on the public website and are only visible to the breeder through the breeders login section. Despite this, any data submitted on recorded calves will still be used in the calculation of their IGS EPD’s, including genomic information. Breeders are encouraged to “record” all calves, even any dead calves. Recording all calves and all relevant data from those calves, helps to avoid data bias from partial contemporary group measurements.

The second level provided by CGen is “Registered” animals. Once breeders are content that all data recorded is correct and/or they wish to sell or breed from those “recorded” animals, breeders can then “register” the desired calves. Once registered, the calves will be visible on the Shorthorn Beef website, however breeders will not be able to change any details such as name and will require the Shorthorn Beef office to make those changes for you.

If you require paper registration forms or need the Shorthorn Beef to register calves for you, please don’t hesitate to contact the office.

If you need a membership or your breeders login password, please contact the Shorthorn Beef office.


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About Shorthorn

The Shorthorn breed is truly unique, from their distinctive roan colour, to their rich breed history and most importantly, the wonderful community of breeders, there is nothing else quite like a Shorthorn.

The key to the Shorthorn breeds advantage lies in their balanced genetic profile, driven by market participation that has been developed and refined, after more than 200 years of genetic selection under Australian conditions.

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