New BVDV PI Testing Protocols

From 1st July 2019 Shorthorn Beef will be able to offer members an extremely cost-effective platform for BVDV PI testing.

The testing, conducted by Swans Veterinary Service in Esperance, Western Australia, involves taking an ear notch sample which is returned to the Swan lab for testing and identifies Persistently Infected (PI) animals within the herd.

BVDV or Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus has the potential to cause losses form abortion and weak and deformed calves.

BVDV is almost exclusively spread by BVDV PI carriers and not all BVDV PI carriers will show clinical symptoms. BVDV PI carriers are created when the virus crosses the placenta, carrying the disease to the unborn calf. If the embryo is one to four months old and survives, the resulting calf will become a PI and can never get rid of the disease.

PI carriers shed enormous amounts of the virus during their lifetime and transiently affect other cattle they come into contact with. PI carriers may also cause economic loss when introduced to feedlots, exposing naïve feeder cattle to the virus. This leads to a suppression of their immune system and can significantly increase their likelihood of developing Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD).

The resulting economic losses for both breeders and feedlotters  can be quite significant. A known free PI Carrier status may also be a requirement for entry into many cattle shows.

Eliminating PI carriers from the herd and ensuring that introduced stock, such as bulls, are PI free is one of the most effective management tools available to producers.

Shorthorn Beef members will need to use the prescribed Shorthorn Beef form or nominate that they are Shorthorn Beef members and will receive a testing price of $8.80 inc. GST per sample.

Test results have a fast turn around time once they have been received by the Swan Veterinary Services office.

Members can either contact the Shorthorn Beef office or contact the Swans Veterinary Services office directly and test kits will be mailed to them.

Click here for a Fact Sheet on the BVDV PI Testing Sampling Options.

Click here for a Fact Sheet on the Ear Notch Testing Protocols.

When you have your kits, or if you are using Allflex TSU kits or similar, simply follow the protocols for collecting the samples, fill out the testing form and Return the collected samples by Express Post to Swans Veterinary Services at the address listed on the form.

If you require an ear notch tool, these can also be ordered by contacting either the Shorthorn Beef office or Swans Veterinary Services office and cost $44 inc. GST.

Swans Veterinary Services can be contacted at or on 0890 715777 or visit their website at .

For a PDF copy of the Shorthorn Beef BVDV PI Testing Submission form, please click here.

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