Covid-19 has had a major effect on the lives of people around the world and on the businesses that service their needs.

One of the industries hardest hit has been the food service sector, with restaurants and cafes globally forced to close, due to pandemic restrictions.

This has been exceptionally true for beef brand retailers in Australia, who have had to adjust to meet the challenges, whilst also dealing with shortened supply caused by years of major drought.

For the JBS Australia Thousand Guineas Shorthorn brand, that meant taking a different approach to the marketing channels for the brand.

Chris Miller, JBS Australia said, “Obviously Covid-19 changed the landscape of where our brands and products were being sold. As you know the Thousand Guineas Brand had been performing very well into Food Service both here in Australia and into our overseas markets. When Restaurants closed down globally back in March and April due to Covid, retail demand picked up and we were able to sell some Thousand Guineas product into Costco Australia.”

Costco is one of Australia’s largest retailers of beef to consumers and placing Thousand Guineas in their stores is a hugely positive step for the brand.

“The feedback from the team at Costco has been very positive and we have sold the brand into stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane with the new Costco store just down the road from Dinmore stocking the products as can be seen in the photos attached.”

Thousand Guineas has been a premium market for Shorthorn producers and this year will celebrate a 5 year anniversary since the brand was first announced by JBS Australia at the Yamburgan bull sale in 2015. Since then the brand has won numerous awards as well as making tremendous headway into major export markets such as Japan and Korea and within the Australian retail trade.

Support from the Shorthorn breeders is critical to the continued success of the Thousand Guineas brand as the Australian herd enters a rebuilding phase. So please make sure you contact your nearest JBS Australia buyer before marketing your eligible feeder cattle this Spring.

For more details on the JBS Australia Thousand Guineas Shorthorn brand, please check out the website at 1000Guineas.

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