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For some Southern breeders, cross breeding with Shorthorns is bringing big production and profit gains.
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Thousand Guineas Declaration Forms

As of January 1st, 2017, registered suppliers to the JBS Australia Thousand Guineas program will also be required to fill in a separate vendors’ declaration to send with the NVD form with their consignment of cattle to JBS Australia feedlots.
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2017 Victorian Beef Weef

The 2017 Victorian Beef Week Field Days are set to kick off in Shorthorns on Sunday, January 29th.
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Meet the Breeders – Flowerburn Pastoral Co.

Flowerburn Pastoral, Crookwell, NSW shines a light on the production potential that producers can achieve from a well-managed and very dedicated breeding and management program.
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Shorthorns Dominate 2016 British averages

The Shorthorn breed has again maintained its dominance of British breed averages, with Shorthorn Beef members posting an incredible overall average of $8,243 for bulls sold at auction in 2016, with many sales posting new record averages for their auction sales.
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Meet the Breeders – WA

The Western Australian beef industry has long had a focus on live exports and domestic beef production, however a sleeping giant is beginning to awaken, driven by opportunities to access quality export markets and their close proximity to Asian customers.
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The Shorthorn breed is truly unique, from their distinctive roan colour, to their rich breed history and most importantly, the wonderful community of breeders, there is nothing else quite like a Shorthorn.

The key to the Shorthorn breeds advantage lies in their balanced genetic profile, driven by market participation that has been developed and refined, after more than 200 years of genetic selection under Australian conditions.

Since 1800, Australian cattle producers have turned to the Shorthorn breed to fulfill their genetic requirements; maternal efficiency, effective growth and carcass excellence.

From the romance of the outback to the legends of the high country, Shorthorn cattle were integral in building the Australian Beef industry, helping to feed and grow a nation.

Todays Shorthorn breeders are progressive and innovative, driven by the same passion to deliver outstanding performance and create value within the supply chain.

The Shorthorn breed demonstrates what happens when a rich history meets a bright future.

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Crathes Park Shorthorns, Vasse, WA will be holding their annual bull sale at the Muchea Livestock Centre on Friday March 24th.

This years line up will feature 30 Shorthorn sires as well as 25 Shorthorn heifers featuring bloodlines such as Crathes Denon and Crathes Hastings, both of which have been extremely successful sires for Crathes Park principal, Phil Burnett.

Crathes Park also have licensed semen available in Crathes Hastings H42 and Crathes Kiev K51, an upcoming stud sire at the Vasse based stud.

For more details please contact Phil Burnett to discuss.
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Shorthorn and Shorthorn cross calves have made excellent returns as North Victorian and Southern News South Wales breeders and agents sold over 9,000 head at the 2-day weaner sales at NVLX, Barnawatha, Vic this week.
Shorthorn steers 330 kgs + returned an average of $3.83, whilst heavier yearling steers over 400 kgs returned and average of $3.49 c/kg.
G & S Bawden offered an excellent line of 113 head of Shorthorn and Shorthorn cross steers which sold in the range of $1,080 to $1,450, with Northern competition strong.
Cottonwoods also sold a line of 17 head of Shorthorn Euro cross steers, 439 kgs, which returned $1,580, whilst another pen of Shorthorn steers, 357 kgs, returned $1,250 for vendors.

A feature of the 2-day event was the premium for Shorthorn females with excellent demand from restockers chasing suitable lines for breeding.
Top priced pen was a line of 369 kilograms, Sprys blood Shorthorn weaned heifers, sold account M. Halverson, “Kildrummie”, for $1,360 per head, selling to Leongatha, Vic.
Several lines were offered account G & S Bawden, “Kilchamaig”, Holbrook, NSW with their top pen a run of 318 kg Sprys blood Shorthorn weaned heifers which sold for $1,225 per head.
The Bawden family also sold 30 Shorthorn Angus cross weaned heifers, 341 kgs, to return $1185 per head, selling to Elders Euroa. A further line of 23 Shorthorn Angus cross weaned heifers, 330 kgs, returned $1,140. 25 Red Shorthorn weaned heifers, 320 kgs and by Sprys bulls, returned $1,100 selling for breeding to Mansfirld, Vic, whilst the light Shorthorn Angus cross weaned heifers, 293 kgs, still broke the $1,000 mark to return $1,085 per head.

Continuing the demand for Shorthorn breeding females, on Auctionsplus today, a line of 39 PTIC Shorthorn cows, 3-4 years, returned $2,150 for Outback Shorthorns Culcairn.
A further line offered by C & M McMeniman, “Leran”, Ballandean, QLD of PTIC Shorthorn heifers also sold for $1,410.
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Shorthorn Hereford cross steers sold extremely well again at the annual Hamilton Weaner Sale held this Thursday.
Top priced pen returned $1391.20 for vendor Simon Ferrier, Coleraine, Vic, with the 8 to 10 month old steers weighing an average of 376 kgs and selling for $3.70. In total, Simon Ferrier sold 70 Eloora blood steers with an average weight of 351 kilograms to return $1321 per head.
Top c/kg rate on the day was $4.09 c/kg paid for 21 steers which averaged 267 kilograms to return $1,091.62 for vendors N & M Jennings, "Gorae", Hamilton. The Jennings family offered a total of 62 Eloora blood steers which sold for an average of $1233.19.
Across the two days the Shorthorn Hereford cross calves weighed an average of 356 kilograms to return vendors an average of $1359.65 at an average rate of $3.82.
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