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Steers make $4.06/kg

A line of 27 weaned Shorthorn steers have sold for $4.06/kg on Auctionsplus last Friday.
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Laurie Willet heads WSC

Laurie Willett has been voted in as President of the World Shorthorn Council, preceding Australia hosting the next World Shorthorn Conference in 2019.
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TC Diamond tops female sale

12 from 13 Shorthorn heifers sold to a top price of $8,500 for average of $4,845, an increase of $1,373 on 2015 results.
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Coopers Ace Trumps Show

57th Dectomax National Show results for 2016
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$8,149 Nationals record average

The 57th National Shorthorn Sale has again smashed it’s own record average, selling to a top of $42,000.
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Supplied Thousand Guineas yet?

The Thousand Guineas brand has delivered premiums to Shorthorn breeders since the first induction of Shorthorn feeders at Prime City feedlot in October, 2015.
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“The breed that built Australia.”

The Shorthorn breed keeps the oldest breed registry in the world and Shorthorn females first arrived in Australia in 1800, imported by William Kent. In 1825 the first registered Shorthorn cattle arrived in Australia, imported by Potter McQueen, Scone, NSW.In December of the same year AACO also imported pure Shorthorn cattle. By 1890, Shorthorn cattle accounted for 50% of all temperate cattle and nearly 100% of all cattle in the difficult Northern climate.

Today’s Shorthorn cattle are noted for their excellent maternal abilities, temperament, growth and carcass quality, particularly marbling.

It is their balanced, multi-trait performance, which allows Shorthorn cattle to influence profitability by improving all the traits of economic importance, not just a few.

For cross breeding, their multi-trait performance and complementarity makes Shorthorns almost unparalleled in their ability to add profit. Shorthorns form the basis of over 40 breeds worldwide.

homeimageShorthorn breeders are progressive and innovative, forming one of Australia’s first, large scale, breed based, progeny test programs, the Durham Research and Development program, fast tracking genetic gain within the breed.

Shorthorn cattle are in demand today, both as pure bred and cross bred cattle, renowned for their carcass quality and on feed performance and efficiency. Shorthorn cattle suit a wide variety of markets, creating flexibility for producers marketing options.

Shorthorn cattle are bred to solve problems, not create them, and have the proven ability to generate ….. a better bottom line!

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More than 40 people attended the RAS Bee...

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2016 National Shorthorn Show - Grand Champion Bull
Coopers BJS Ace in the Hole K32, exhibited by Cooper Shorthorns and BlackJack Grazing. A Spry's Patent's Ace G38 son from the Cooper Shorthorns Dreamer dam.
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Some of the judging from the record breaking 2016 Shorthorn National Show at Dubbo, NSW. ... See MoreSee Less

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